Hawkins (Stranger Things) Tea Towel


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Our tea (flour) towels are 27" X 27" square (a REALLY good size!), 130 thread count, + hemmed on all four sides. They are pre-washed to avoid shrinking and can be both washed and dried. Note: washing on high heat can lead to shrinking so we suggest cold water. They are very absorbent, breathable, can be used for cleaning, or just for decoration hanging on your stove or sink.

The illustration includes original illustrations of Dustin, the Byers (including the lights and yellow phone), the Wheelers, Hawkin's High School, the Arcade, Hawkin's Police emblem, Fair Mart, bikes, a walkie talkie, Hawkin's National Laboratory, Waffles, the Upside Down, Barb's Glasses, the Welcome to Hawkin's sign, Steve's bat, an Hawkin's Power + Light van, Hawkin's Middle School, and the Theatre.


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