Show off your fandoms on your sleeves, hats, lanyards, bags, and so much more with some of our most popular accessories! Over the next few weeks, tune in to see just what we have to offer to maximize your nerdy outfits!

To start us off, a very popular item overseas in Japan has found its way into our shop. Ita bags are perfect for adding your own flair to, they have a specially made “pocket” on the front, the pocket features a clear window, usually made of PVC, ideal for showing off your pins without any worry of losing them! What’s more, you can even get or make inserts to arrange your pins on, adding another layer of personalization. Usually these backgrounds are a solid color, but a pattern or design isn’t unheard of. A few of the bags we carry start you off with an included pin, others let you start your ita display 100% as your very own!

My Hero Academia is a very popular anime, this themed ita bag features transparent PVC as well as appliqued faux leather.

Ita bags also tend to be the perfect size for all of your essentials like your phone, wallet, chapstick, and more. They’re ideal for a stroll around town or an amusement park!

This gorgeous “mini” ita bag is still spacious at 12.5″ by 10″ and has a zip pouch on the inside for easy storage. The background is digitally printed and lends itself to a Disney/Beauty and The Beast themed bag.

These ita bags are also perfect accessories for casual cosplays. We highly recommend them for toting around your things during conventions.

One of the more unique bags we carry, this bag is shaped like a coffin AND comes with a Jack Skellington pin to get you started!

Each bag is as unique as the person carrying it! Fill the window with your favorite things, keeping with a theme or just going ham on it. Some bags are complete blank canvases, others lend themselves to a set theme. Whichever you choose, the insides won’t look like anyone else’s!

A pretty lil’ bag in a positively perfect, poison apple red! This bag features a bow akin to Snow White’s and comes with an adorable Dopey pin!


If you like what ita bags can offer you in terms of personalization, you’ll LOVE what we have in store for next time! A hint for you: it’s what people usually fill their ita bag windows with.

… Pins, its going to be pins!


Until next time,

-Mary, Nerd Supreme


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