Forty years after he first got left behind on Earth, E.T. has finally flown into Re-POP! A little upgrade from our full-body E.T. figure, we now have a scaled down version perched in a basket and flying overhead!

E.T. FLY Home!

Whether he has a special place in your heart, surrounded by your favorite childhood toys, or is crouched in a dark shed in the depths of your mind, E.T. has made his mark on the world. Come and visit with him as he soars through the sky on the front of a bike and rekindle your affection for the little fella, or maybe conquer your childhood fears? Personally, I have overcome my deep-seated fears of E.T. that sprang mainly from the previews on my childhood VHS and DVD movies (but not the Universal ride, that’s still terrifying) and can bring myself to walk below him.

Barry, on the left, conquers his fear of heights. Mike, on the right, admires E.T. from below.

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