Happy June, Dear Friends!


As our greater Boise area friends know, we celebrate the first Thursday of every month with the rest of our Downtown Boise buddies by partaking in “First Thursday” festivities! Last month we had a great event for “May the Fourth/Revenge of The Fifth”, which is a really hard event to top. We scoured the internet to find a good holiday that we could celebrate this coming Thursday that was appropriate to our store, what better holiday than “Leave Work Early Day”?

We are located in the heart of Downtown Boise, surrounded by offices, banks, and many other businesses, all filled with workers who would love to celebrate the national holiday with us! We decided to give them a little extra incentive by offering a little limited time discount during normal business hours. If you’re in the area, swing by the storefront! If you’re not, don’t worry, you can always shop online! We’ve got a lil’ somethin for you: ALMOSTFRI for 10% off your online order!

Go ahead, take off early, come see us or hop online and visit us digitally.

Till next time!

– Mary, Nerd Supreme

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