Back to the Future Tiki Mug Set


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Back To The Future Tiki Mugs set produced by Geeki Tikis. 

Part of 3DRetro’s BTTF collection, the set features Doc Brown, Marty McFlyand Einstein in a ready to drink or display collectors item. The design of the mugs translate the beloved characters with a traditional carved Tiki vibe from the square faces to the concept of a ‘wood’ base incorporated into the sculpt.

An edition of 1000, the Back To The Future Tiki Mugs will be available exclusively from 3DRetro.

Age range 14 and up.

Dimensions of each mug:

Einstein: 2.5”x3.”x3.5”

Marty: 4"x4"x7.25"

Doc: 5.25"x4.5"x8"


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