Bigfoot and Chemtrails and UFOs, Oh My! BYOCT Kit


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Tinfoil hat now included!

What was Bigfoot doing on the dark side of the moon? Was Buzz Aldrin in on the cover-up? This kit has all the answers and even more questions for inquiring minds like yours! With over 486 magnetic word tiles, you can turn your fridge into a crystal ball and see just what the future holds if The X-Files gets rebooted.

Our new Build Your Own Conspiracy Theory Kit is for fans of Bigfoot, extraterrestrials, the Knights Templar, and extra helpings of fluoride.

This kit contains hundreds of word tiles that magnetically stick to your fridge, filing cabinet, or anyone who has received their second shot of the Pfizer vaccine. Millions of possibilities, just open your mind!

50% of profits from this kit will be donated to voting rights organizations.


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