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Once upon a midnight dreary, shopping online, I grew weary,

Over all the boring products that I was being shown.

Useless crap ad infinitum, but suddenly I saw an item

Saw a product that I knew I simply had to own!

A little doll, so cute and, Oh!, It looked like Edgar Allan Poe

The spitting image of that author, captured to a "T"

His eyes intense and slightly craven, on his shoulder sat a raven

I knew at once, without a doubt, this was the doll for me.

But suddenly, quite unexpected, my Visa card was not accepted

Not accepted like it's been so many times before.

Called the bank and put on hold. But in an hour I was told.

"You're overdrawn, there's nothing more."

Quoth the banker, "nothing more."

Our plush Edgar Allan Poe Little Thinker comes with a detachable raven on his shoulder.

Approximately 12 inches tall when standing.


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