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Noble Hardesty is a contemporary Northwest artist residing in Boise, Idaho. His inspired and prolific work is heavily influenced by the lowbrow aesthetics of graffiti, tattoo artistry, and comics/cartoons.

From the violent and visceral to the soft and romantic, his wide scope of subject matter incorporates movement, hard lines, and candy sweet colors.

Pieces range from small scale ballpoint pen drawings to vibrant 36″ x 80″ paintings.

Straddling the fine line of fantasy and reality, Noble’s work is an exploration of the blur in between.

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Scarlet tank, AMYS DINOSAUR DREAM, GRAPE APE & THE TREX, GRAPE APE EXITS, BLOOD BAG, COMA, WAR BOYS, BATMAN & ROBIN, HARLEY QUINN, RENDEZVOUS AT THE BATSIGNAL, STRANGER THINGS, Aces High, Cruella, In a Galaxy… 13" x 19", Rock trooper 12" x 12", Tusken Raider 12" x 12"


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