Yuji Kaida Ultra Monster Coloring Book


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Not only the original Ultra Monsters, but other beloved ones from Godzilla, Gamera, and Gundam series

Presented here is the coloring book of unique film monsters for all ages.

Yuji Kaida is a popular Japanese illustrator who is especially known for his illustrations of film monsters. He has drawn dozens of popular monsters, foremost among them Godzilla, as well as many characters that have been less well-known outside of Japan until recently. Now his excessively graphic depictions of monsters have gained worldwide popularity and Kaida is proudly recognized as a renowned monster artist in Japan.

This is a coloring book that would appeal to Kaida fans of all ages and skill levels, containing 38 monster pictures chosen and arranged by Kaida himself. Those popular illustrations used for posters, record jackets, or plastic model packages are vividly turned into fun coloring pages of your favorite monsters


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